Friday, January 17, 2014

27 Weeks of Pregnancy

Week 27!
Baby is the size of cauliflower!
Little man has started getting the hiccups this week, especially at night. Which is so adorable!
I have noticed it is getting harder to sleep at night, I just cant seem to get comfortable. I find myself breathing more heavy or trying to catch my breath if I lay a certain way. I felt my first movement in my ribs the other day! Which is so weird lol. Hoping that is a sign that baby has turned?
Symptoms: Tired, feeling heavy, sore boobs
Cravings: Breakfast cereal, Mexican food, Hersey's cookies and cream candy bars
Baby Buys: Baby Comfy Nose, Nasal Aspirator
Ordered From
(came with free sample of Hylands cough)

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