Wednesday, February 5, 2014

30 Week Pregnancy Update!

Baby is the size of cabbage!
Had a doctor appt. last week and baby was still breached. My belly was measuring a week behind, but they didn't seem to worried. Baby's Heart rate was 134bpm which is about the same every visit. Doctor still has me on 40mg of Lovenox everyday till about 34weeks, which is when my next appt is, then I will be switching to Heparin (which is a shorter dose). I will also have my growth scan that day too. 
We have our hospital tour and registration next week! I'm excited because I have heard my hospital does water births! Which is the closest thing I will get to a birth center labor experience since I can't deliver in one. I recently met my placenta encapsulation specialist. I am super excited to go through that experience! Lets hope the hospital will cooperate with releasing my placenta to her. 

Baby Buys!
This Weeks Baby Buys!
  • Nursing pillow
  • Monkey for his monkey nursery!
  • Some Carters newborn outfits! (I Love Carters Clothing!)
  • A Pack of Burp Cloths that were on Clearance at Target for $2
  • Some Medela Breast Pump Soap that was also on Clearance!
Symtoms: Heartburn, Tired, Tummy Soreness
Looking Forward To: Im excited for both of my baby showers coming up! Also my maternity pictures are next weekend! And just getting into baby mode!


  1. If your baby is breech and you want to try to turn it so you can have that water birth that you are hoping for then check out this web site! the whole purpose of the site is to show you how to keep your baby in the optimal fetal position. I know you are 30 weeks and the head typically goes head down at week 33- 34 you still could start doing the some of the movements to encourage your baby to move into that perfect position:)

  2. I hope your baby turns! My baby was breech and I had to schedule a csection. He turned while waiting at the hospital for my csection. They let me go home and wait until I went into labor naturally :)