Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Boogie Wipes Review!

Does your little one have a runny nose, stuffy nose or even a messy face? Tired of chasing after a runny nose with a tissue?

Let me introduce you to my hero to the rescue, Boogie Wipes! Gentle Saline wipes that provide soothing comfort to the littlest noses with hypoallergenic blend of natural saline & moisturizing vitamin E and Aloe.

I recently had the opportunity in reviewing Boogie Wipes. I was sent two packages, one Fresh Scent and one Grape Scented.

Not only do I use Boogie Wipes for Stuffy/Runny Noses, but for almost everything! They are just so soft and smell so clean, I use them for messy faces, sticky hands and I've even used them once for a diaper change when I forgot to pack Baby Wipes! Boogie Wipes are seriously my Hero To The Rescue! 

One thing I love about Boogie Wipes, is the super cute packaging! They are super easy to open which is so nice when you are in a hurry to clean those boogers! Boogie Wipes also smell amazing! They are very true to their scent names! Fresh Scent is super refreshing and clean smelling where Great Grape scent smells just like Grape Soda! 

Boogie Wipes are my number one must have for Stuffy Noses and recommend them to everyone! 

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Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose my honest review. I was not paid in any way to write this review.

Boogie Wipes has chosen to giveaway one(1) 2 oz can of Boogie Mist and (2) Packs of 10 ct Boogie Wipes to one of All Natural Mom's Readers! The Giveaway will start March 12th-March 19th. Open to US residents Only! 


  1. I've never used Boogie Wipes, but I can see how the wipes would be super helpful with messy faces and hands!

  2. Boogie wipes in the grape scent! They have been great during runny nose season!

  3. I like the Grape scented wipes...they are really helpful! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  4. Love Boogie Wipes...grape smells so yummy!

  5. the grape scented wipes! they smell so good that i could eat them lol ... just kidding ;) I mean, I COULD but ya know... I won't or anything

  6. I love the unscented wipes the best.

  7. I haven't used the Boogie wipe products son is only a month old...but I have seen them and will try them in the future! -Jessica M.