Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pumpin Pal Review & GIveaway

For some moms, breastfeeding can be hard. Pumping breast milk can be even harder.
When my son turned 2 weeks old, I started pumping after every feeding to help build a milk stash for my freezer. I found that pumping was really uncomfortable for me. But thanks to Pumpin' Pal's Super Shields, I can now pump pain free.
Pumpin' Pal designs and manufactures innovative breast pumping accessories to make pumping more comfortable and enjoyable.
Created by a dad, who wanted to support his wife with exclusively pumping.

I reached out to Pumpin' Pal explaining my problem I had with pumping.
Pumpin' Pal sent me a set of their Super Shields to review.
They come in three sizes: Medium, Large & XL and work with most breast pumps.
So, what makes Pumpin' Pal's Super Shield so different from standard shields?
They are an angled flange, which is what makes them so comfortable. Super Shields mimic the latch of your baby, where the standard shield only allows the nipple to move while pumping, which can cause the pain I was experiencing.  

With the poor latch of a standard shield, I was not pumping as much milk as I do with Pumpin' Pal.
Using Standard shields, I would only pump between 1oz-2oz, which stressed me out so much. I felt like I was not pumping enough to build a stash for my baby. But when using Pumpin' Pal's Super Shields, I am able to pump an ounce or two more! I also noticed that my milk flows soother using the Super Shields. 

Benefits to using Super Shields
  • Eliminates construction of milk ducts
  • Reduces the irritation to the nipple area
  • Aids in a prevention of mastitis and other breast infections
I wish all breast pumps came with Pumpin' Pal Super Shields! They are amazing and I plan on telling every nursing mother I know about them. I highly recommend the Super Shields by Pumpin' Pal.

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Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of my honest review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. Review is Sponsored by Pumpin' Pal.

Welcome to the Pumpin Pal Super Shield Giveaway sponsored by Pumpin Pal and hosted by All Natural Mom 101.

One lucky reader of AllNaturalMom101 will win one (1) set of Pumpin' Pal Super Shields. The set includes all three sizes: Medium, Large & XL.
The Giveaway Starts May 23rd-June 3rd.
Open to US & CAN residents .
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  1. I dislike the time it takes to pump.

  2. I pump 3-4 times a day. I pump during my commute. I hate this part the most because I feel like all of the truck drivers are staring into my car and wondering what the heck I am doing! The other part of pumping that I hate is that I feel like I am constantly washing parts!

  3. Having to set aside time out of my work day.

  4. Getting in the mood for it! There is no warm and fuzzies when it comes to using a machine to get milk for me! Anything that makes it easier would be lovely!

  5. I've actually been having quite a few issues with shield fit and pain during pumping, as well as not producing well for the pump. Thanks for the review! Even if I don't win I am for sure getting a pair of these to try!!!

  6. Setting aside time to actually sit down and pump.

  7. Man, I need new shield so bad, but this won't fit my pump. Very thoughtful product and giveaway for pumping moms!

  8. Cleaning the parts..... And just doing it. It's a pain to get myself to do it lol

  9. I hate the disappointment in the amount of milk I get. Im trying to build a stash before going back to work but with the amount i get after feeding I'm terrified he will have to go to formula at daycare.

  10. I really dislike the time it takes since I have to pump at work during the day.

  11. I also really hate that I tend to get plugged ducts when I pump due to difficulty emptying my breasts.

  12. I'm not a fan of feeling like I'm in "mommy jail" because I'm locked in a room and tethered to a machine. I have to keep telling myself it's the best thing for my children, but it's hard to keep going.

  13. Another think I don't like about pumping is that it makes me miss my baby even more while I'm at work.

  14. I haven't started yet so I've no complaints. :D

  15. I dislike having to get up in the middle of the night to pump. I miss my sleep.

  16. I dislike having to work my whole schedule around pumping, occasionally even needing to jump out of long meetings for 15 minutes to squeeze a pumping session in (and we have a lot of long meetings here).

  17. I hate taking breaks at work and having to pump :( such a pain, but totally worth it!

  18. I really don't care for my shields. I have a Medela and Ameda and if I don't lean forward the milk doesn't go into the bottles! I often wonder how both companies haven't come p with a solution for this, I even called them.

  19. I dislike the time! And my supply dwindles a bit when I can't nurse my son for longer periods of time due to work

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