Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MAM Bottle Giveaway!


Welcome to the Mam Anti-Colic Bottle Giveaway!

While looking for bottles for the new baby, we were lucky enough to come across these great Mam Anti-Collic Bottles. they are self sterilizing which is so easy when you are traveling.
The nipple on these bottles are so silky soft and smooth. There is less confusion for babies going back and forth with breast and bottle feeding.
MAM USA was so gracious and has given us the chance for you all to have a chance to win a dual pack of these bottles in the color of your choosing. They offer blue, cream and pink.

Julie's review looks promising, I would love to try MAM Bottles!

You can read Julie's full review over at Tales From A Southern Mom, MAM Bottle Review!
Enter below and Good Luck to All!
TFASM Giveaway Disclosure


  1. I haven't used any bottles with my baby. But if I were to win these I would give them to my friend who does foster care.

  2. We are just starting to get to the point where we are thinking about using bottles.

  3. No I breastfed, then we used dr browns but they were so complicated to clean

  4. We use Tommy tippy and more recently Dr Brown's natural flow. The Tommies leak a bit which is disappointing because they were expensive so we pulled out the Dr Brown's we had left my my colicy second child. I like them, but hate washing all the parts. Would love to try the mam bottles to see if I can use those instead

  5. Our little one hasn't arrived yet, so we haven't tried any bottles. We're looking for something that can be used while breastfeeding, and these look perfect!

  6. We've only used Dr. Browns's, but I would love to try new brands.