Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Royal Fluff Review

       Your little Prince or Princess deserves to be treated like royalty.
With Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers your baby's bum will receive the royal treatment.

Royal Fluff sent me one of their Hearts and Roses diapers to review.
Right away I notices that these diapers are slightly bigger than my other brands.
I really like the print and how gender neutral it is. 
These are one-size pocket diapers that fits babies from 9-32lbs.
I like how there are 4 rows of rise snaps, giving your baby the perfect fit.
Every diaper comes with a microfiber insert.
Another feature I like about this diaper, is that it was super easy to stuff the insert into the pocket. 
You can also use this diaper as a hybrid by laying an insert on top of the fleece, but I recommend using an all natural fiber insert if you choose to do so, as microfiber can dry out baby's skin with direct contact.
How To Use Royal Fluff On a Newborn
Like I said before, Royal Fluff Diapers do run bigger than others. They start to fit around 9lbs. My son didn't start fitting into them till he was around 10lbs. He was born 6lbs 12oz, so his cord fell off by the time he could fit into his Royal Fluff Diaper. The steps above are for bigger newborns that have their cord still attached, and are able to wear a Royal Fluff diaper without the diaper rubbing against baby's umbilical cord.
Step 1: Unsnap all of the rises snaps, making the diaper on it's largest setting. Fold down the top of the diaper as far as you can, bringing it away from the cord stump.
Step 2: Snap the bottom snap on the tabs to the bottom row of snaps(smallest rise setting). Then snap the top snap of the tabs to the second row of the rise settings.
Step 3: Check for leg holes, make sure you have a nice and snug fit. You can also pull up on the wings if you notice any leg gaps.

One thing I didn't like about Royal Fluff Diapers, is that they don't have cross over snaps. With them being bigger diapers, and slightly pricey, it would be nice to have that feature to make a perfect fit on baby. Especially for smaller/petite little ones.

Here is the diaper on the smallest setting with my 12lb little guy wearing it.
A very nice and trim fit, especially around the legs.
Royal Fluff Butt 

My little Prince being treated like royalty with his Royal Fluff!

Overall, its a very well made diaper. Soft on the inside and come in super cute prints.
Make your fluffy diaper a Royal Fluff Cloth Diaper.

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Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of my honest review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. Review was Sponsored by Royal Fluff.

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