Monday, August 11, 2014

4 month old update

I can not believe my little baby is 4 months old already! 
He can now roll over from back to belly and belly to back!
Weighing 14lbs 8oz and 24 inches long!
Eye color has decided to be brown.
Little E is doing great! He is such a happy baby.
I have noticed him starting to really chew on his hands and drools like crazy. 
Teething must be starting ALREADY!
Cloth diapering is going amazing and has not had one rash so far!
We are still exclusively breastfeeding and he has only had a bottle maybe 6 times. 
Currently we still co-sleep and are still waking up twice a night for feedings. He has lots of naps during the day.
Also we just moved him out of his infant car seat and into his convertible seat.
His favorite activity is tummy time.
He recently found his feet and has become obsessed with grabbing them.
Finally starting to love bath times and swinging in his swing.

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