Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diaper Dawgs Heavy Dooty Wipes take on more than just the booty!

I can not rave enough about how much I love Diaper Dawgs Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes!
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Not only do we use Diaper Dawgs wipes for diaper changes, I have now findd myself using them for multiple things around the house, that make life a little bit easier.

Diaper Dawgs cloth wipes are like no other, with their genius sewn in pocket on one side. 
Made with super soft and absorbent bamboo terry fabric.
After receiving my Diaper Dawgs wipes, about 2 months later I had to order more! They were always my go to wipes during diaper changes. Now they are my go to wipes for everything!

One of my favorite ways to use my Diaper Dawgs Wipes are in the bath tub!
Funny story about how I began using my Diaper Dawg Wipes in the tub.
 One night I was giving my boys their bath when I realized I ran out of clean wash cloths. I ran and grabbed a cloth wipe from my stash and a Diaper Dawg wipe happened to be the one sitting on top. I figured, they were similar to our baby wash clothes and could get the job done.  
Once I slipped the cloth wipe on and began washing my son, I realized this was even better than our regular wash cloth! I found that the Diaper Dawg wipe wasn't slipping out of my hands and I was able to spread the cloth out more to cover more areas faster. 
So much easier to use than our baby wash clothes and from that night on, Diaper Dawgs Cloth wipes became part of our nightly baths.

Another one of my favorite new ways to use our Diaper Dawgs Cloth Wipes are for ice packs!
If you have boys then you know how much they play rough!
My little guy is always falling or running into things, bumping his head here and there, and I'm the crazy mom who's running after him to put ice on ever bump and bruise.
My little guy always complains about holding the ice bag and how it's so cold that it hurts his little hands.
So one day when he really bumped his head hard to where he really needed ice, I grabbed one of our Diaper Dawg wipes and slipped the ice bag into the pocket.
Cold hand problem solved! 
Love, love, love this idea and even found my husband using them for this reason also!

So now, I have told you how we use our Diaper Dawgs Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes to make our lives a little easiers. 
Diaper changes, bath time, boo-boos, and even cleaning!
Yes cleaning!
Of course, I have different Diaper Dawg wipes set aside specifically for cleaning.
I have found that these wipes are awesome for cleaning stove tops, windows, counter tops, pretty much any surface area around the house. I love how Diaper Dawgs wipes protect my hand from any dirt and grime!

There are so many other ways to use these awesome cloth wipes. If you have not yet tried these wipes, I highly suggest them to anyone!!

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  1. I really like these heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes..These are best for children,also there are so many other uses.Thank you very much for sharing.keep posting

  2. Sounds like this is a multipurpose and useful domestic item. Can we order this somewhere online? And does it ship worldwide?