Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nurse Purse Breast Pump Bag

For moms that pump, they know what it's like to have to carry your breast pump around where ever you go! Being a pumping mom myself, I got tired of lugging my breast pump around along with my purse, laptop bag and anything extra that my pumping bag could not hold. I recently discovered one of the best mommy inventions that solved all my problems. I highly recommenced any expecting, new or experienced mom to have one! 

Let me introduce you to Nurse Purse.
Nurse Purse was created by a mom who ran into the same problems as I did, along with thousands of other pumping moms out there. She wanted something that was functional, stylish and could fit everything she needed, and so the Nurse Purse was invented.

The Nurse Purse currently comes in four prints, I happen to have the gorgeous Wildflower print.
These bags are made of 100% Cotton laminated canvas exterior that is water & stain resistant. I absolutely love this wipe-able material! The handles are made with nylon webbing and are quite comfortable for as much as I carry it. It has metal feet on the bottom, keeping the bag away from dirt and messes.
Since the bag is made with water-resistant/stain-resistant material, you may see opaque or lighter colored areas on the bag. Perfectly normal and will not affect the functionality of the bag. Material is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.
I call this the pumping station!
So many fun features that a normal breast pump bag does not have. 
-Mesh pocket can hold hand-sanitizer, nipple cream or even chap stick, like I have.
-A slot to put a picture of your baby in, which can help with your let down during pumping.
-Extra pocket/area for all of your cords and tubing.

What is so awesome about the Nurse Purse is that it is compatible with almost breast pump.
*(^Taken from Nurse Purse's Instagram page^)*
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The back pocket is very roomy, easy to open, perfect for a book or changing pad.
This bag would be great to use as a diaper bag for exclusively pumping moms!
I love the velcro closure instead of a loosely open pocket, you are able to secure the pocket shut. 
I exclusively breast feed so I use my Nurse Purse when I don't have baby with me. 
I am able to pack everything I need and more!
The inside is very spacious fitting everything I need. 
No more tugging along more than one bag at a time!
Nurse Purse goes where I go all the time. I absolutely love everything about this bag! I don't know what I would do without it. Nurse Purse makes your pumping life and mom life so much easier!

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  1. I do love this bag. Mom's everywhere that breastfeed should have one!

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