PR & Sponsor Friendly

I love hosting reviews and giveaways! 

I will not charge a fee to do reviews.

  •  To properly write a review, I require a full size, functioning product.
  • The product will become property of AllNaturalMom.
  • Reviews will include photos of the product in use, a description of the product and a small description on the company brand.
  • Photos will be taken by myself and will be marked AllNaturalMom on them.
  • I may also use promotional images or logo from your website.
  • Reviews can take up to 2-4 weeks to complete depending on the products. Unless discussed before hand how long and when it should take.
  • I will NOT post a negative review without discussing it first.
  • After the review is published, I will email you a direct link to it.
  • Reviews are shared on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & sometimes Instagram
Please provide any extra information you would like featured in the review before it is posted.
Possible Reviewers 
Myself: 21 year old momma My Husband: 22 year old daddy Our Two Boys: 3 year old & 6 month old.

 Giveaways are great to expose your product and company!
  • I do not have to complete a review to host a giveaway on my blog, I am happy to promote products related to my blog by hosting giveaways!
  • Your company must provide the product as promised to the winner while covering all shipping costs.
  • As a sponsor, you can have entries related to visiting your website, Email subscriptions, Facebook Likes, Twitter Follow, Instagram, etc.
  • The Giveaway will be promoted on Facebook & Twitter daily. May also promote on Instagram once a week. 
  • The Giveaway may also be added to a link or blog hop to increase traffic.
  • Other Bloggers may be recruited to help promote the giveaway in exchange for adding social media links to the giveaway.

AllNaturalMom101 is a personal blog, owned and published by Kaitlyn M. I promise to write honest reviews of products I receive. I have accepted the items free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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